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My Beautiful Family by NekoWolf95 My Beautiful Family :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 1 1 Reflections by NekoWolf95 Reflections :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 2 3 Be My Valentine? by NekoWolf95 Be My Valentine? :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 1 8 Selfie by NekoWolf95 Selfie :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 0 0
Living Hell
They do not speak
As anger treads the town
Can anyone hear me?!
You are never safe
Never alone For
This has to STOP
It's unbearable
But wait . . .        I AM the stop sign
They do not hear
The last rose petal falls
And they await words to escape;
It is only obmutescent speech
Followed by
Silent vows
They do not feel
As Everything
Falls To
Hesitation takes its course;
Hearts combust like compressed
g a s
ignited by a single match
And inside the old box
Lies Triumph and Disaster
Can you treat the two imposters just the same?
My friends die
I am left alone
In this tragedy
In this darkness In this Hell.
:iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 5 1
Words Left Unspoken
Obmutescent speech
Followed by silent vows
The still air lays unstirred
As if no such life existed;
Butterflies roam around          
Causing a deep sensation
In the pit of my stomach
Awaiting words to escape
Your motionless lips
Speak damn you                  
Speak harmonious words
That send down peace          
Oh glorious peace
Hesitation follows its course
Patience slowly decreases       
Despair and shock follow;
They finally escaped
Words slowly fall out
Leaving a bitter trail behind
Betrayal put in words.     
:iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 9 15
I wish I could count down the days
Until you're by my side once more
It's easier said than done
For you aren't coming back
Once you are gone
That will be that
You'll linger in my imagination
No more reality
We'll look at the same moon
At the same stars
But is that enough?
I wish I could go, too
To go missing forever
Maybe I'll find you somewhere
It isn't a game though
This is all too real
Carry on, carry on
I'll see you again one day
And we can be together again
But for now, you're missing
:iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 9 15
Mature content
Realistic Nightmare :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 14 6
The Three Musketeers by NekoWolf95 The Three Musketeers :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 4 6 The Perfect Duo by NekoWolf95 The Perfect Duo :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 3 5 Happiness Overload by NekoWolf95 Happiness Overload :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 4 17 Untitled by NekoWolf95 Untitled :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 7 2 From Beginning To End by NekoWolf95 From Beginning To End :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 5 13 New Start. by NekoWolf95 New Start. :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 1 55 Smile~ by NekoWolf95 Smile~ :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 2 21 Just Me. by NekoWolf95 Just Me. :iconnekowolf95:NekoWolf95 1 35


There's a presence in my head
There's a shard
Violent and very much alive
The pressure of its touches burns
It loops around
Secret corners of my brain
There's obsession in my mind
There is pleasure
Seemingly obscene
There's perfection in my hurt
There is joy
In a pain so crystal clear
With nails rusted and so sharp
It seeks the flesh
And blood under my skin
Its noize shields from all around
It overrides
Stench of the world dying
:iconelendurwen:Elendurwen 18 2
Mind Storms
Sometimes I break down
and I don't know why,
but after those mind storms
I feel a little lighter on the inside,
like a radiant shadow in a colorless dark.
:iconfrostedqueen:FrostedQueen 64 7
Beauty of Definitiveness
Breathe in
Breathe out
I’m alive!

I’ve seen a beautiful tranquillity
Gentle wind in the hair of thee
A tiny leaf and its invisibility
In the soothing cup of tea
For every beauty waits the mortality
The precious delight of a moment
Before it dreadfully dies in its fatality
A fading memory of enjoyment
The ravishing words of a bard
Enchanting the little hearts
Aggressively falling apart to a shard
Left a gentle impact of arts
The death, the caretaker
Shows love for every mortal being
The misunderstood saviour
Won’t let the beautiful ones bleeding
As our mortality takes us to disintegration
I write this dying poetry of serenity
Loving once pretty, dying creations
Our death brings the clarity
Breathe in
Breathe out
This was the world in my eyes.
:iconkrikak:Krikak 14 2
Clouds gather at Tashua by GUDRUN355 Clouds gather at Tashua :icongudrun355:GUDRUN355 29 0
What Could
I thought that we could be something
But apparently only I can see what we could be.
:icondespicableme1:DespicableMe1 6 2
Deathly embrace
Death lingers at the edge of my mind
My thoughts about it are never kind
It seeps into thoughts so deep
Whatever my thought, death is a part
Life can throw up mountains to overcome
Instead of to climb, I just want to dive
Away from a future I don't know
Into a bliss of not being alive
I want to be live and have fun
To hold the people that I love
Without death looking from the side
To poke and hold my thoughts in embrace
Thoughts so deep and dark slip in
That I wonder what could have been
Without death taking hold of life
By slipping into my mind again
I fear what death may do to my mind
If it no longer lingers at the edge.
Wouldn't it be easier if I just slipped away?
Death hides not at the edge, but is in my core.
:iconwiliart:Wiliart 8 2
I am afraid
I need you
for the beat of my heart
Without you by my side
it feels like a part of me is missing
When I can't talk to you
my head begins to wander
With you I can laugh
Can I feel like a child, so small
So good, so comfortable
Without you in my life
there's a lot less to do
it's boring and dark
crawled away into a dark corner
I'm afraid to loose you
for all the stupid small things I forget
I'm afraid to loose you
when I depend on you too much
I'm afraid for the moments
that you just have to leave for some time
en my minds begins to run
back into the dark cave in my mind
that feels to familiar
I am afraid for my fear
and that one time, it will become to much
:iconwiliart:Wiliart 4 6
Dragon by wildelbenreiter Dragon :iconwildelbenreiter:wildelbenreiter 21 3 Gree by Red-IzaK Gree :iconred-izak:Red-IzaK 1,162 85 Freedom by bebasv Freedom :iconbebasv:bebasv 3 0 Spring afternoon by MissLoony Spring afternoon :iconmissloony:MissLoony 86 12 Ice Queen by nathaliagomes Ice Queen :iconnathaliagomes:nathaliagomes 209 13
Be Like Bugs
Somewhere swamp bugs
hold candles
by small handles and
kiss the water goodnight
with a fragility that the vast
foul-breathed mouth of sunken mud
will feel, but never understand.
kiss me like this.
Sometimes moths
mistake your porch light
for the moonlight
falsifying their compasses and
deifying their newfound godess.
They care no longer for direction.
confound me this way.
Somehow fireflies
in certain regions
converse in legions
by lighting the night
with a symphonic fire
in breaths of swelling light
one slow explosion at a time.
Let's be like that.
:iconschofield-alan:Schofield-Alan 5 10
Our World On Fire
Follow me into the darkness
And fade into the light
So that opposites may collide
One more time at Ragnarok
So I can fight for what I had
And had to fight to have before
Let the sinners preach and saints atone
Everyone lives a life together and die alone
For the little honor I have left
Allow me to wage war on the Heavens
And take your heart by theft
:iconsoulessreaper:soulessreaper 5 6
Emotional Masochist
How does it feel to hurt without pain?
No stab wound, so much blood,
That poker face is sealed to my skull,
Staring with eyes of cold hard steal.
Smiles like it cant feel.
Let me cry.
Let me cry.
How does it feel when you drown in your integrity?
Did you memorize the melody?
The composers last symphony,
Cried me a river of blood,
And I smiled threw the harmony.
Let me cry.
Let me cry.
Last one to leave, in an empty auditorium,
The violins broken scream,
Made me smile, it let me dream,
The hollow foot steps echo,
In the empty solitary room.
Let me cry.
Let me cry.
Blood dripped down my punctured thumb,
Betrayed by the thorns,
On my rejected rose,
The pain seared, in more places than one,
And just as I thought I was done,
A smile arose.
Let me cry.
Let me cry.
The eyes of hatred,
The eye of sorrow starring right through my soul,
Drowned my head,
Drowned my heart,
Tore me apart and let my blood run cold,
Yet my smile didn't  fold.
Let me cry.
Let me cry.
Noise surrounds you,
But sile
:iconalexias-ashley:Alexias-Ashley 6 0



NekoWolf95's Profile Picture
Katie Jenkins
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hiya~! I'm NekoWolf95, aka Kitty d: I joined DeviantART due to suggestions. I absolutely love all kinds of art, but I especially love the art of writing. Since I was 9 years of age I've been writing poetry and short stories , also lyrics. Writing will forever be a passion and I stay true to my work! (: I'm not much of a drawer but I do enjoy seeing others work, it's amazing to see what they come up with, or take pictures of, I give those guys props all the way for being amazing at what they do. I've been working on my drawing skills, I still can't do free hand but what I do is use references and I'm getting a hell of a lot better at drawing :D

I'm a very outgoing, random person who really loves to meet new people~ Music is my biggest passion. I've been playing piano and guitar since I was knee high to a grasshopper :p I dropped guitar for several years and recently started up again, only negative thing about that is, I lost all my skill. I'm always looking for new bands and artists to listen to, I'm open for anything.nSome of my favorite bands/artists are;

Avenged Sevenfold
Rise Against
Egypt Central
Within Temptation
Cradle of Filth
Killswitch Engage
Escape The Fate
He Is We
Three Days Grace
Three Doors Down... And So much more!!

I write A LOT in my spare time when I get the chance to, but nowadays I have a little munchkin to care for :) There are low chances of me sharing drawings here on dA, but I'll probably post a few. I have a tattoo on my right shoulder of Cherry Blossoms, as seen in my gallery :p I am married, to my hunnybun Josh and March 2017 we will be together for 4 years and counting :D

A little more about me, uhm, I'm weird, intelligent and VERY devious. I have habits of playing with people's minds. I also get along with pretty much everyone and I hope to make new friends that share some of the same interests as me in any aspect. I'm easy going, and quite understanding and if anyone, doesn't matter who, needs help or advice, I'm all ears. I'll listen and give the best advice I can. A friend of mine told me that it's my Perseverance that makes me awesome, how even if I'm truly and deeply hurt and upset, I can still smile like it's nothing and still happy. I don't let a lot get to me and I have to say, I am a very open person half the time and I can't even embarrass anymore than I do which is everyday xD So I really don't care what people think of me. I am who I am and I'm loved for it. (: :heart:

My Friends in Person include;
:icondemontiger777::iconblizzychan::iconpenguins101::iconrascal4488::iconshandylace: (: :heart:

Current Residence: BC, Canada
Favorite genre of music: Anything
Favorite style of art: Fantasy, Mysterious, Out there.
Operating System: PC FTW!
MP3 player of choice: Something that can store a lot of music
Wallpaper of choice: Things everywhere, out there, fantasy, dark, something different, or sunsets :3
Personal Quote: ~ If you love two people at the same time, choose the second... Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.. -Johnny Depp
  • Listening to: The Television
  • Reading: Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star
  • Watching: I, Frankenstein
  • Playing: League of Angels
  • Drinking: Beer
Hey guys, long time no talk.. Definitely been a long while. First off, I'd like to say (very very late) thankyou to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday and also you're all very welcome for the favorites and the follows. It's my pleasure :)

In case you're wondering (but you probably aren't), I'm doing great! I haven't been on at all because.... I have a mini-me to tend to now and she's very precious. My baby girl will officially be 9 months old in just a few short hours.. Almost a year. Crazy, right? July 12 @ 7:12pm at 8lbs5oz. She now weighs in at close to 30 pounds! Chubby monkey. :3

I'm really starting to get my life together with the man in my life. I'm considering getting back into writing, when I have the time anyways. I kind of miss it to be honest.. I'm surprised I could even remember my login information in the first place. I'd love to hear from the lot of you, but let's be honest, with my anxiety, I don't think I can initiate >~< It's good to be back.



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