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Katie Jenkins
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Hiya~! I'm NekoWolf95, aka Kitty d: I joined DeviantART due to suggestions. I absolutely love all kinds of art, but I especially love the art of writing. Since I was 9 years of age I've been writing poetry and short stories , also lyrics. Writing will forever be a passion and I stay true to my work! (: I'm not much of a drawer but I do enjoy seeing others work, it's amazing to see what they come up with, or take pictures of, I give those guys props all the way for being amazing at what they do. I've been working on my drawing skills, I still can't do free hand but what I do is use references and I'm getting a hell of a lot better at drawing :D

I'm a very outgoing, random person who really loves to meet new people~ Music is my biggest passion. I've been playing piano and guitar since I was knee high to a grasshopper :p I dropped guitar for several years and recently started up again, only negative thing about that is, I lost all my skill. I don't listen to much country, and rap can go fuck itself in all honesty. Rap and dub-step. Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Hard and Soft Rock, etc isn't just screamo and random. It's poetry and a lesson, it's so much more than what people take it for. People have been called sad because they listen to it. My mother hates me and wishes I wouldn't listen to stuff like that, but I do. That's not the only thing I listen to, but it's up there. I'm always looking for new bands and artists to listen to, I'm open for anything (except Rap and dub-step >_>) Some of my favorite bands/artists are;

Avenged Sevenfold
All That Remains
Rise Against
Freedom Call
Egypt Central
All Time Low (Thanks to my hunny bun (: )
Within Temptation
Cradle of Filth
Killswitch Engage
Five Finger Death Punch
Bullet For My Valentine
Eyes Set To Kill
Escape The Fate
Early Rise
He Is We
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Three Days Grace
Three Doors Down... And So much more!!

I write A LOT in my spare time when I get the chance to, or I hang out with friends, Steph mostly but others as well :p Or if I'm doing neither you'll either see me with my guitar or in front of a piano. There are low chances of me sharing drawings here on dA, but I'll probably post a few. I have a tattoo on my right shoulder of Cherry Blossoms, as seen in my gallery :p I am married, to Steph (:iconneverendingmissary:), and in October we will be married for exactly 1 year :D Along side that, I have 8 mistresses xD 6 males, and Two stuffies [Don't Ask XD] A little more about me, uhm, I'm weird, intelligent and VERY devious. I have habits of playing with people's minds. Steph knows this from experience, it's mostly hers I play with because it's really fun to do, I also get along with pretty much everyone and I hope to make new friends that share some of the same interests as me in any aspect. I'm easy going, and quite understanding and if anyone, doesn't matter who, needs help or advice, I'm all ears. I'll listen and give the best advice I can. A friend of mine told me that it's my Perseverance that makes me awesome, how even if I'm truly and deeply hurt and upset, I can still smile like it's nothing and still happy. I don't let a lot get to me and I have to say, I am a very open person half the time and I can't even embarrass anymore than I do which is everyday xD So I really don't care what people think of me. I am who I am and I'm loved for it. (: :heart:

My Friends in Person include;
:iconneverendingmissary::icondemontiger777::iconblizzychan::iconpenguins101::iconrascal4488::iconshandylace: (: :heart:

Current Residence: BC, Canada
Favorite genre of music: Anything but rap and dub-step.
Favorite style of art: Fantasy, Mysterious, Out there.
Operating System: PC FTW!
MP3 player of choice: Something that can store a lot of music
Wallpaper of choice: Things everywhere, out there, fantasy, dark, something different, or sunsets :3
Favorite cartoon character: Garfield
Personal Quote: ~ If you love two people at the same time, choose the second... Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.. -Johnny Depp
  • Listening to: My boyfriend being weird.
  • Reading: Whatever is on the screen
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
  • Drinking: Water

Name: Katelyn       
Birthday: 09/20/95
Height: ~ 5'10/11
Weight: ~140 odd
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Currently red
Race: Canadian + More :p 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo


Drink?: Yes
Smoke?: Quit, but occasionally
Use Drugs?: Just marijuana
Cuss?: Fuck yes :p 
Play Any Instruments?: Piano & little guitar mostly
Have Any Peircings?: Used to
Have Any Tattoos?: Right shoulder blade
Like To Annoy People?: Depends
Like Life?: It has its ups and downs
Wear Make-Up?: Yeah
Dye Your Hair?: When necessary
Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: Not usually
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: Not always, but sometimes
Like Pina Coladas?: They're tasty :3
And Getting Caught In The Rain?: Of course!


Dependable?: Pretty much always
Trustworthy?: Yes
Obsessive?: Depends
Hyper Active?: All depends
Happy?: On and off
Content?: Curretnly, yes
Boring?: I think so 
Violent?: I can be
Evil?: Ish 
Hippie-Ish?: No..
Shy?: Depends
Paranoid?: Depending on the situation
Annoying?: Yes
Social?: Not always
Religious?: Not particularly no


TV Show?: Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Walking Dead, Supernatural
Movie?: The LEGO Movie, Mr Peabody and Sherman, The Pirates of the Caribbean's, and tons more
Band/Singer(s)?: The Pretty Reckless, Hilltop Hoods, Mayday Parade, Rise Against, and so many more
Song?: Sweet Thing, Nosebleed Section, and a shitload more
Book/Story?: The Game, The House of Night Series, White Night, so many others
Color(s)?: Red, Blue, Black
Shape?: Circle
Animal?: I love animals~
Person(s)?: My Boyfriend/Best friend, and my super amazing close and dear friends
Smell?: Rain, flowers, campfire
Flower?: Roses of all kind
Subject?: Literature 
Board : White
Musical : Annie
Sport?: Hockey
Word?: Sacapuntas or Medulla
Quote?: So many, where to start? .-.
Hobby?: Writing, Music, Drawing, Reading, Horseback Riding
Store?: Most stores
Season?: Spring
Time Of Day?: Night-time 


Worst Fear?: Heights, Spiders
Life Goal?: To live my life with no regrets
Greatest Accomplishment?: Getting into college 3 months after high school graduation at 18, and getting to where I am at right now. 


Pepsi Or Coke?: Pepsi
McDonald's Or Burger King?: I go to both on occasions 
Converse Or Vans?: Converse.
Dogs Or Cats?: Although I love both, dogs
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: Doubt anyone uses this anymore, but it used to be MSN
Chicken Or Fish?: Fish
Black Or White?: Black
MTV Or FUSE?: None 
MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: iPod
Pants Or Shorts?: Depends on weather


Day: Being with my boyfriend and having fun friends and enjoying my life
Room: Covered in posters and full of clothes :p
Life: Though a bitch most of the time, enjoyable with the people in it
World: No more pointless wars, or bullshit, or anything. It's basically terra-formed anyways
Romantic Date: Just being together


God?: Yes and No
Heaven & Hell?: Kind of
Angels & Demons?: Sorta
Reincarnation?: Yes
Yourself?: Sometimes
Ghosts?: Yes
UFOs?: No
Big Foot?: Nope.
Lockness Monster?: Ish 
A Thing Called Love?: Yes


Kill Someone Else?: I WANT to, but maybe
Kill Yourself?: Thought about it
Beg For Money?: Not unless it's absolutely necessary >_<
Skydive?: Hell no!
Bunjee Jump?: Nuh uh
Make out in the rain?: Already have :3
Run Away From Home?: Did that
Ride A Motorcycle?: So much fun!
Do Extreme Sports?: No


Do You Own A Car?: Not at this moment
Ever Been To Jail?: Drunk Tank
Ever Gotten Kicked out?: of?
Do You Have A Job?: Not at this moment
Do You Like Taking Surveys Like This?: Passes time.


Are You Lonely?: No xD
Are You Sitting In A BeanBag Chair Eatin' Cheetos?: I wish
Do You Feel The Urge To Send Me A Thousand Dollars?: Don't have it to send
Really?: Yes
Do You Know Where That Comes From?: From this
How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?: Until you hit the center
Is That Your Final Answer?: Sure
Are You Sure?: Positive
Postitive?: Read above answer
Glad That This Is Over?: Is it though?

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